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关于IC Markets?
关于IC Markets?

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Other entities of the group include:

International Capital Markets Pty Ltd with registration number 123 289 109, is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission with License No. 335692.

IC Markets (EU) Ltd is a limited company registered in Cyprus and is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission with License No. 362/18.

Risk Warning: Trading Derivatives carries a high level of risk to your capital 外汇自动交易与ZuluTrade的 and you should only trade with money you can afford to lose. Trading Derivatives may not be suitable for all investors, so please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved and seek independent advice if necessary.

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*Data acquired from an independent third party provider shows our EURUSD spread to be 0.0 pips on average 95% of the 外汇自动交易与ZuluTrade的 time from 01-07-2019 to 31-12-2019 (available for our RAW Spread trading accounts only).

**Data acquired from an independent third party shows that our EURUSD spread was performing on top 96% of the time in the period from 外汇自动交易与ZuluTrade的 January to December 2019, with a sample group of 32 direct competitors in the Forex industry, considering an aggregated weekly spread average.

***The average order execution time between the trade being received, processed and confirmed as executed by us is 36.5 milliseconds.

****Finance Magnates Q2 2020 Intelligence Report.

*****Leverage of 1:200 will only be offered to RAW Trading clients that are not located in the UK. UK clients under RAW and clients on other entities will continue to have the leverage option of 1:5.










在中文中翻译"Forex Trading Signals"

What Is Zulutrade Forex Trading Signals Service? Zulutrade is an automatic service for assistance of Forex traders. Signals can be obtained through 外汇自动交易与ZuluTrade的 this service automatically so that the user is able to take instant actions and check the results about the trading.

Reliable & Accurate Forex Trading Signals Free Forex signals and technical analysis from independent traders in the currency market.

Translationby Choose Forex Signals Providers PDF - How To Choose Your Forex Trading Signals Providers v2.0

Money Management When Following Forex Trading Signals Traders who failed in forex trading mainly because of they don't understand the important of money management. Money management will inform you how much you.

How Will Forex Trading Signals 外汇自动交易与ZuluTrade的 Help You? This will save you a lot of time from overseeing the market for arrival and return points. But 外汇自动交易与ZuluTrade的 it is also crucial to consider the tracking record of the Forex signal traders before you sign.

How 外汇自动交易与ZuluTrade的 To Find A Good Forex Trading Signals Service? There are slight chances that you could get scammed because there are a lot of people speculating on this trade 外汇自动交易与ZuluTrade的 market and you don't want to pay some money for nothing, or even worse, losing.

A computer program based on a set of forex trading signals that helps determine whether to buy or sell a currency pair at any one time.

So if you want to follow forex trading signals providers. How can you decide your money management? Let's see the Zulutrade's 外汇自动交易与ZuluTrade的 performance page here

Forex trading signals from the award winning market analysts of Trading Central directly on your MT4.

Forex trading signals are employed to produce buy or sell signals for trading instruments (currency pairs), i.e. signals that 外汇自动交易与ZuluTrade的 indicate when to open or close a deal.

Nearly 外汇自动交易与ZuluTrade的 all successful Forex traders makes use of a Forex trading Signals Providers. This is to increase their chance of profit in the FX market. Reliable trading signals provider improves one's abilities by providing error-free statistics and unbiased analysis.

FOXT trades with robots automatically. A trading robot is created using a computer program based on a set of Forex trading signals to determine whether to buy or sell a currency pair at any given time.

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外汇交易从此不再令人烦恼 ! 你不再需要花时间紧贴及研究市场走势了。来自全球各地、数百个外汇市场的顶尖专家,会为你作出最名智的投资决定。你只要拣选你信任的投资专家, Zulutrade 会以他们的买卖建议,直接替你的交易账户进行买卖。更重要的是,这项服务是完全免费的 !

1 、您可以先现在 开设免费的模拟帐户,立即生效,马上体验 Zulutrade 的全部服务。
2 、当然您也可以在 Zulutrade 开设真实帐户,需要 2 个工作日。
3 、如果您已经在其他的外汇交易商( FXCM, FXDD, FOREX, IKON, AVA FX, I-TRADE FX 等 ) 拥有真实帐户,又不想开设新的帐户,也完全可以。只需授权 Zulutrade 进行关联交易即可,需要一个工作日。

三、如何使用 Zulutrade 的交易信号?

登陆您的帐户,打开 Zulutrade 的回报表现页面,您可以看到上千个汇市专家提供的交易系统,每个交易系统均有全方位的性能指标。这些指标并不是 MT4 的模拟测试结果,而是数周到一年以上的真实交易结果。选择您中意的交易系统,设定交易量、风险参数即可。 Zulutrade 将自动完成剩下的一切工作,您不必一直守着电脑。💻🖥️

四、 Zulutrade 的交易信号可靠吗?

Zulutrade 的交易信号均由第三方提供。您不必怀疑信号的提供者,他们都在努力提供高效的交易信号。因为每次交易他们可以得到 0.5 点的佣金。越好的信号自然能够吸引越多的用户,用户越多得到的佣金就越多。目前, Zulutrade 中最好的交易系统拥有一千多个用户。

五、您也可以为 Zulutrade 提供交易信号 。

如果您有良好的外汇交易策略和交易习惯,为什么不与 Zulutrade 合作,赚取可观的佣金?任何人都可以成为 Zulutrade 的交易信号提供者。 Zulutrade 对您的交易策略并不感兴趣,操盘结果可以说明一切,让用户来评判你的交易系统。您在自己的帐户操作(模拟或真实帐户均可),每当您开仓时, Zulutrade 会立即在您的全部用户的帐户上同时开仓,闭仓时也一样。

许多炒汇的朋友都面临无法克服的障碍:没有时间;没有可靠的交易策略;没有可靠的智能交易系统( EA );没有有效的资金管理策略;饱受看盘的煎熬;最终的结果是一次次的暴仓。平心而论,值得吗?我们常说:炒汇要有良好的心态、周密的计划、严格的纪律。可是又有几人能持久做到?又有几人能够战胜 “ 恐惧 ” 和 “ 贪婪 ” 外汇自动交易与ZuluTrade的 ?您有没有想过:您的策略一定比别人好吗?

试试 Zulutrade ,开设一个免费的模拟帐户,马上体验 “ 挣钱之道 ” ,让外汇专家为你打工。


交易者加入ZuluTrade 可以连接他们的帐户并分享他们的交易策略